Miracle of Healing

I was healed at Sacred Heart Major Seminary by Jesus through the prayers of Thomas Naemi on March 18, 2011. I fell from a corn elevator 23 years ago fracturing my pelvis. I had also broken my ankle twice over the years. These injuries had left me with arthritis in the joints and a lot of sleepless nights. I had been struggling with pain in my legs for a long time, mostly at night. This past year though, my legs were becoming weaker and weaker. I used to bike to work but quit last summer as I could only make it half way. I also stopped going for walks with my wife as I couldn’t keep up or go for very far. Then my knees started to give out and my right foot would seize up on me. I would have someone do my job at work occasionally because it got so bad. I went to different doctors and only got pills and knee braces. One night I came home so frustrated from the night shift (Ford factory worker) that I sat on the couch and just cried in front of my wife. I wasn’t sure if I could keep working, as I could not keep up through the 8-hour shift. One week before my healing at the prayer meeting we went to Toronto for a vacation. After walking around the museum I could barely walk back to the motel room without hanging on to my wife.

When the March 18 prayer meeting on healing was over I went in the line for confession. My wife came and ordered me into the room for healing where Tom Naemi was. So I went in and ask for prayers for my legs. Tom and the other men prayed over me. I felt a huge pain shoot out my right knee and thought they made it worse. Then I felt pins and needles from the waste down. The next day my legs had new strength in them. I helped move my sons’ heavy furniture up and down stairs all day. The following day, I walked all the way to the river with my wife. I have had no problem at work since. For a whole week from Friday to the next Friday I felt like my legs had cool moist air blowing on them, especially all around my knees. It has been 22 days since I was prayed over and I have not had to take one pill for pain at night. It is hard to explain to others, the change that has miraculously happened to me. I think of the words of St. Paul (1 Cor: 2:4), “ ..my message and my proclamation were not with persuasive words of wisdom, but with a demonstration of Spirit and Power, so that your faith might not rest on human wisdom but on the POWER OF GOD.” Pray for me now, that I use this renewed